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     DELHIADVOCATE has designed and presented this web site to:

            Shorten the distance between the visitors facing real life legal problems and a team of Lawyers, Attorneys, Solicitors, Advocates & Legal Professionals of DELHIADVOCATE,

            Provide Fast and Free Legal Advice/ Consultancy as well as Paid Legal Advice/ Consultancy to Our Esteemed Visitors who are facing legal problems as per their Requirements and Demands without them having to run for poll to post in search of a Lawyers, Attorneys, Solicitors, Advocates & Legal Professionals.

            Built a network between Lawyers / Advocates / Legal Consultants / Attorneys at Law / Experts from not only Different Parts of India but from all over the World through Mutually Beneficial Association which would benefit not only our Fraternity but would hugely benefit our Our Esteemed Visitors and Clients.

            Provide Services to Our Existing Clients.

     It is hereby made absolutely clear to all the visitors of this web site that this site is not presented with an intention of soliciting or offering legal services as contemplated under the rules of the Bar Council of India to the visitors.

     All the opinion given, statement made, exposition of law provided, summary of rulings given and contents of this web site are keeping in mind the laymen approach and understanding of law which may not be applicable to the specific case of the visitor. For any inadvertent mistakes in the web site, the officials of DELHIADVOCATE takes no responsibility.

     We are thankful to all those who have contributed in the construction and hoisting of this web site.

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