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Maintenance Claims of Wife against Husband


In case of neglect to maintain a Wife by her Husband, where the wife is unable to maintain herself, she can claim "Maintenance as well as Litigation Expenses" from her Husband through Petition in the Court. Such Petition for Maintenance can be moved in the Court under: -

During the Divorce or other proceedings regarding Marriage, if the wife has no independent income sufficient for her support and the necessary expenses of the proceeding, she may move an Application for her Monthly Maintenance and the Expenses of the Proceeding to the Court in which the Divorce or other proceeding regarding Marriage are pending under: -

Wife can also claim Permanent Alimony and Maintenance at the time of passing any decree under any Petition of Divorce or other proceedings regarding Marriage or at any time subsequent thereto for her maintenance and support such gross sum or such monthly or periodical sum for a term not exceeding her life under: -

A married Muslim woman may claim her mahr or dower or any part thereof on the dissolution of her marriage under Muslim law. After Divorce she may further move an Application for her maintenance, payment of an amount equal to the sum of mahr or dower or the delivery of her properties and Istridhan under: -


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