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Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence Act

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Q3. At which place I can make Domestic Violence complaint as I am currently residing in Delhi, whereas my matrimonial home is at Ludhiana and my husband and in-laws resides there?


     You can file Domestic Violence complaint:
           At your present place of residence, or
           At the place where your husband resides, or
           At the places where Domestic Violence took place.

Q4. Before whom I can file Domestic Violence complaint?


     You can file Domestic Violence complaint before the concerned Court which is Chief Metropolitan Magistrate / ACMM in Delhi, and in other states, the same are generally addressed to Chief Judicial Magistrate.

Q5. Can I file the Domestic Violence complaint myself or I have to hire the services of Advocate / Lawyer / Vakil / Attorney?


     We highly recommend the hiring of services of Advocate / Lawyer / Attorney / Vakil conversant with Marriage and Family Laws.
     Various legal issues are involved, for which your Advocate / Lawyer / Attorney / Vakil would be a competent person to handle and take care of.
     You can avoid unnecessary hassles of getting into thick and thin of Domestic Violence complaint.
     You being layman would not be competent for Court Cases, and can commit various avoidable mistakes, some of which may be fatal for your case.

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Domestic Violence
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