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Registered A.D.







 Sub: Cancellation of Car Booking.

 Dear Sir,

Under instructions, directions & authority from and on behalf of my client Mr. _______ presently resident of Flat No. ______________ previously resident of ______________, I do hereby serve this Legal Notice upon you to the following effect:

1.      That my client had booked ____________ with you in “Form Serial No. ______ through _________ (P) Limited, _______ and deposited Rs. _________ (Rupees __________ only).

 2.      That in pursuance of the aforesaid booking of the car you had finally issued to my client a “Receipt cum Priority Card for ___________ Car” having Receipt No. ______ with Priority Cum Registration Details as: -

Form Sr. No.

Control No.

Dealer/Priority Regn. No.




 3.      That my client as per the “Terms and Conditions of your Priority Registration of ______ Car” cancelled his priority registration and claimed the refund of his booking amount of Rs. _________ (Rupees _______ only) along with interest at the rate of ____% per annum compounded annually and surrendered to you the “Receipt cum Priority Card for ________ Car” duly discharged by him on __________.

 4.      That having received no refund amount for more than _______ years my client again made request to you for the said refund through his Registered A. D. letter dated _______, which was duly received by you.

 5.      That it is a matter of great regret that you are keeping aside all customs & traditions of business world by breaching the trust and confidence reposed on you by my clients and are not refunding the booking amount along with interest dishonestly & fraudulently. Your aforesaid acts tantamount to the case of cheating and defrauding my clients.

 6.      That by the aforesaid illegal and unconscionable action/ design, you have rendered yourself liable for the following: -

(a)    Cheating and Misappropriation under the Indian Penal Code,

(b)   Deficiency of services under the Consumer Protection Act, &

(c)    Breaching the Law of Contract.

7.      That you are under legal obligation to make the payment of Rs. __________ (Rupees ________ only) along with interest at the rate of ________% per annum compounded annually.

 I, therefore, by means of this notice, call upon you to pay Rs. _______- (Rupees _________ only) along with interest at the rate of ________% per annum compounded annually to my aforesaid clients within 30 days of the receipt of this legal notice of demand failing which I have clear instructions to institute Criminal, Consumer as well as Civil Proceedings and that too without any further reference, and in these events you shall further be held liable for all the costs of and incident to such proceedings. 

Copy retained for record and further necessary action.



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