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Sub: Stay of Operation of Current Bank Account No._______.

 Dear Sir,

 Under instructions from and on behalf of my client Shri _________, son of Shri ___________Partner of M/s ___________, the following legal notice is being served on you for your compliance: -

 1.      That _______________ son of Shri ____________ resident of _____________ and my aforesaid client are the partners of aforesaid M/s _________.

 2.      That the aforesaid partners have opened a Current Banking Account No.__________ in your Bank for the proper conduct of their businesses.

 3.      That several disputes and differences have arisen between the partners of the aforesaid firm in relation to the misconduct of the business, rendition of accounts, mal-practices at the place of the business and various other matter pertaining to the conduct of the business and the relation of the partners interse which could not be settled amicably till date.

 I, therefore, by means of this notice, call upon you to stay/stop/close the operation of the aforesaid Current Banking Account No.3796 with immediate effect till further instructions.

 Copy retained for record and further necessary action.


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