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Sub: Notice for the payment of Decreed-Amount.

 Dear Sir,

 Under instructions from and on behalf of my client M/s _______, through its Partner Shri ___________ having their firm office at _________,  the following legal notice is being served on you for your compliance:-

 1.   That Suit No. _______ of _____ under Order XXXVII of the Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 for the recovery of Rs. ________ (Rupees ________ only) with interest and costs was filed on _________ by my client against you in the Hon'ble Court _________ which was allocated to the Hon'ble Court of ________.

 2.   That the Hon'ble Court of ____________ has been pleased to decreed the suit on _____ in favour of my client and against you for a sum of Rs. __________ along with cost and interest @ _______% p. a. pendentelite as well as future till realisation. (Certified Copy of the aforesaid order is enclosed).

 3.   Decree-Sheet was prepared accordingly under the hand and the seal of the Hon'ble Court of ________ on ________ and as per the Simple Money-Decree it is ordered that you do pay to my client  a sum of Rs. _______ with interest thereon at the rate of _____ per cent, per annum from _________ to the date of realisation of the said sum, and do also pay Rs. _______ the costs of this suit. (Certified copy of the aforesaid Simple Money-Decree is enclosed).

 4.   That as per the Order and Simple Money-Decree dated ________- aforesaid the amount due and payable on _________ by you to my client is computed as follows:

S.  No.








Principal Amount Ordered 

Interest at the rate of ____% p.a. on _____ from _____ to _______.












Say  Rs. ___________

 I, therefore, by means of this notice, call upon you to pay Rs. _______ to my client within _________ days of the receipt of this notice of demand failing which I have clear instructions to institute Execution proceedings against you in which any or all of your personal belongings may be sold in the market to recover the aforesaid amount and you may further be detained in Civil Prison, and in these events you shall further be held liable for all the costs of and incident to such proceedings.

Copy retained for record and further necessary action.



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