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Sub: Notice for Partition of Property bearing No. _______.

 Dear Sir,

Under instructions from and on behalf of my clients _________ son of _________ resident of _______, the following legal notice is being served on you for your compliance: -

 1.         That __________ wife of _________ resident of property bearing No. ______ died on ________.

2.         That at the time of her death _______ was the absolute/ sole owner of the property bearing No. ___________________________.

3.         That __________ died intestate, that is, without making any ‘Will’ in the favour of any person(s) before or at the time of her death.

4.         That _______________ died leaving behind the following legal heirs at the time of her death: -




Relation with deceased





5.         That after the death of _______ it was orally agreed between you and my clients: -

(i)                  That you will use the aforesaid property bearing no. _______ for the purpose of residence only till none of the legal heirs has any objection to it.

(ii)                That any of the legal heirs of ______ may call upon the rest of the legal heirs to partition the aforesaid property by meets and bound and delivers the vacant possession of their respective share, at any time.

(iii)               That you will not deal with the aforesaid property in any manner except for use as residence.

6.         That in pursuance of the aforesaid oral agreement, you continued residing in the aforesaid property with the permission of my clients.

7.         That it has came to the knowledge of my clients that you are now trying to sell the aforesaid property by manipulating and forging some false documents illegally, dishonestly, fraudulently and in gross violation of the terms on which the property was given to you i.e., for residence only.

8.         That the aforesaid property was given to you only for residential purpose and you were further forbidden to deal with it in any other ways. Further you have no right to deal in any way with the share of my clients and before partition of the aforesaid property.

I, therefore, by means of this notice, call upon you to partition the property bearing no. _____by meets and bound, and deliver the vacant possession of the shares of my aforesaid clients within fifteen days of the receipt of this notice failing which I have clear instructions to institute the necessary Civil as well as Criminal Proceedings against you and in these events you shall be held liable for all the costs of and incident to such proceedings

Copy retained for record and further necessary action.



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