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IN THE COURT OF _________ , __________judge, ________

 In Re:

 …Applicant/ Petitioner.

v e r s u s


F.I.R. No.:

Under Section:

Police Station:



1.       That the applicant is seriously apprehending his arrest by the police of Police Station ____ in the above noted case and the police is bent upon harassing and humiliating the applicant.

2.       That the applicant is being falsely implicated in the above noted case. He is being victimised without proper verification of the facts.

3.       That the petitioner is a young man of _______ years of age having absolutely clean antecedents.

4.       That the applicant is ready to join investigation as and when he is directed by this Hon'ble Court or the investigating agency.

5.       That the applicant undertakes not to misuse the favour of the bail in any manner. He also undertakes to abide with every conditions imposed by this Hon'ble Court.

6.       That the applicant seeks permission from this Hon’ble Court to urge any other ground that may be available to him at the time of final arguments.  

It is, therefore, most respectfully prayed that this Hon'ble Court may be graciously pleased to issue direction to the S.H.O./ IO of the case to release the applicant on bail in the event of his arrest, which will be in the interest of justify.

 Through Counsel


Place: ______

Dated: ______

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