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Court Marriage
Marriage Registration
Marriage Certificate
Arya Samaj Marriage
Marriage Solemnization

Dowry Demand
Physical Harassment
Mental Harassment
Domestic Violence

Mutual Consent Divorce
Annulment of Marriage
Judicial Separation

Stay against Torture

Custody of Child
Child Visitation Right
Guardianship Petition

Family Partition
Will & Will Registration
Gift & Gift Registration
Succession Certificate
Letter of Admn.

Freehold of Property
Leasehold of Property
Leasehold to Freehold

Cheque Dishonour
Cheque Dishonour Case
Credit Card
Cheque Dishonor Ruling

Letters of Credit
Bank Guarantee
Letter of Credit Ruling 
Bank Guarantee Ruling

Accident Police Case
Accident MACT Case
MACT Claim Rulings 

Consumer Complaint
State Commission
National Commission

Rent Deed, Lease Deed
Eviction of Tenant
Delhi Rent Control Act

Criminal Cases
Anticipatory Bail

Arbitration Award
Foreign Award
Corporate Laws

Service Matter
Disciplinary Proceeding

Deed Forms
Notice Forms
Pleading Forms

Supreme Court of India
High Court of Delhi
District Courts of Delhi
High Courts in India

National Commission
Delhi State Commission

Delhi Police Helpline

How much Free is our Free Legal Advice, Consultation, Aid, Help, Service, Assistance and Support?

A. As long as Legal Advice, Consultation, Aid, Help, Service, Assistance and Support is being sought through:
     Mobile No. +91 98112 68891 / +91 98115 44356
     E-Mail at:
     Query Submission Form: Query Form

And the need to read the DOCUMENTS RELATED TO YOUR CASE, or the need for PERSONAL MEETING does not arise, the LEGAL ADVICE would be tendered absolutely FREE OF COST.


A. It would be always better to initially seek FREE Legal Advice, Consultation, Aid, Help, Service, Assistance and Support. If in a given case, we feel that it would hazardous to tender legal advice without reading the DOCUMENTS RELATED TO YOUR CASE or without PERSONAL MEETING, we would make it known to you; thereafter, as per your wish and requirements you may seek PAID LEGAL ADVICE.

If a case is already pending adjudication before a Court or Tribunal or Forum or Board or Arbitrator or Administrator, it is always advisable to seek PAID LEGAL ADVICE.

For PERSONAL MEETING call us at Mobile No. +91 98112 68891 / +91 98115 44356 for fixing appointment and on the appointed day and time you can meet us at:

B-5/38, Sector -18 Market
Rohini, Delhi – 110085

Q. Do we differentiate in providing FREE LEGAL ADVICE and PAID LEGAL ADVICE?

A. No.
However, since the PAID LEGAL ADVICE is tendered by us only after reading and understanding all the DOCUMENTS RELATED TO YOUR CASE, it is always going to be precise and better.

Q. Do we need any kind of preparation before seeking LEGAL ADVICE?

A. You are advised to be ready with the following details: -
     Complete history leading to the Case.
     Complete details of the Case.
     All documents in relation to the Case.
     A brief idea of the RELIEF that is being desired.

Q. Why You need to disclose Your personal identities or complete details of the case while seeking LEGAL ADVICE?

A. Take an example: Our visitor "V" is seeking legal advice from us in relation to his matrimonial problems. Now, unless and until we know to which religion, country etc., he / she belongs, we cannot tender our legal advice as the matrimonial laws differ from religion to religion, country to country or even from state to state.
Even a small detail of Your Case which is being held back, even inadvertently, may be very MATERIAL to Your Case, and hence, may change the complete course of the advice being tendered by us.

Q. Why Free Legal Advice is being provided by us?

     It's the Cause for which the Lawyers, Advocates, Attorneys, Vakil of DELHIADVOCATE have designed and presented this web site.
     It provides a lot of relief to the person facing the legal problem.
     It takes very little resources from us. 
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