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 BE IT KNOWN TO ALL TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN THAT I, _________, aged about ________ years, son of ________ permanent resident of _____________ do hereby constitute, nominate and appoint __________, aged about ________ years, son of ________ permanent resident of _________ to be my true and lawful attorney for myself and in my name and on my behalf to do, execute and perform the following acts, deeds, things, matters in respect of Flat bearing No. ______________: -

1.   To negotiate, agree to sell of, dispose of or transfer by way of exchange, lease (whether permanent or for long or short period) the said property/ flat or any part thereof, and to sell or otherwise dispose of the same in any manner whatsoever.

2.   To apply for and get the permission from the competent authority, for the sale/ transfer of any rights, interest, liens and titles in the said flat, or in any part thereof, to any intended purchaser(s), and for the purpose of conveying the same in favour of intended purchaser(s), to execute any deed(s) and to present the same for registration and to admit the execution thereof and to do all other acts, deeds and things which are necessary to complete the transaction of the sale in favour of the purchaser(s) of the said flat, and to receive the consideration whereof and to deliver the possession of the said property to the purchaser(s) or his nominee(s).

And generally to do, execute and perform any other act or acts, deed or deeds, matter or thing whatsoever which in the opinion of the said attorney ought to be done, executed and performed in relation to the purpose or affair ancillary or incidental thereto as fully and effectually as I myself could do the sane if I was personally present.

And I hereby agree and undertake to ratify and confirm all and whatsoever my said attorney, under the power in that behalf herein-before contained shall lawfully do, execute or perform in exercise of the power, authority and liberty hereby conferred upon under and by virtue of this Deed and I shall be bound for the same in all legal purposes. I am in my full senses and have executed this Power of Attorney after full deliberations and voluntarily without any pressure, coercion, or undue influence.

And I hereby declare that this Power of Attorney is executed by me and shall be irrevocable.

Executed this the ________ day of ________  at _________.








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