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W I L L 

THIS WILL is executed at Delhi on _______day of __________ by _________, aged about _______ years, son of Shri __________ permanent resident of __________, hereinafter called the Testator in favour of ________, aged about _______ years, son of ___________ permanent resident of _____________, and Local resident of ___________, hereinafter called the Executor. 

WHEREAS the Testator is the owner of _________ share in property bearing No. ________ shown in the layout plan of _____________ situated at ___________ and the same is in exclusive possession of the ____.  

THE Testator willingly makes this Will, that after his demise, his rights, interests, liens and titles in the said property be acquired, possessed and inherited by the Executor.  

The testator further declare that if the said Executor pre-deceased me, my rights, interest, liens and titles in the said property be acquired, possessed and inherited by the heirs of the Executor. 

The Testator further declares that this is his First and Last Will in respect of the said property, and has been executed by his own consent without any force, fraud, coercion or allurement from any corner whatsoever, while in possession of sound health and disposing mind. 

Accordingly I declare him as my sole beneficiary and legatee of my this Will for the aforesaid property and I hereby appoint and constitute him my Sole Executor of this Will who will be entitled to obtain a probate without being required to furnish any security. 

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I, the Testator have put my hands on this Will, in the presence of the following witnesses at ____________, on the date, month and year herein above mentioned. 







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