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Dowry Death

Dowry Demand
Dowry Demand Cruelty
Return of Dowry Articles
Police FIR / CAW Cell
Dowry Death
Domestic Violence

Q1. What is dowry death?

Dowry death is defined in Section 304B of The Indian Penal Code, 1860.
     The basic ingredients to attract the provisions of Section 304B, IPC, are as follows:-
      (1) That the death of the woman was caused by any burns or bodily injury or in some circumstances which were not normal;
      (2) such death occurs within 7 years from the date of her marriage;
      (3) that the victim was subjected to cruelty or harassment by her husband or any relative of her husband;
      (4) such cruelty or harassment should be for or in connection with the demand of dowry; and
      (5) it is established that such cruelty and harassment was made soon before her death."

Q2. In case of dowry death, what parents, siblings or other relatives can do?

On the report of unnatural death of a person, the police will themselves register the case, and would thereafter investigate the case and calls the parents, siblings and other relatives of the deceased wife for investigation, whereupon, such parents, siblings and other relatives can make their statement before the police or the SDM of the area regarding any cruelty or harassment of wife by her husband for dowry soon before her death.

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