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Return of Dowry Articles to Wife by Husband and In-Laws

Dowry Demand
Dowry Demand Cruelty
Return of Dowry Articles
Police FIR / CAW Cell
Dowry Death
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Dowry Prohibition Act
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Q1. My husband and his parents demanded dowry as a consideration for my marriage from my parents and they had to give the demanded dowry; my husband and in-laws has not returned the said dowry, what to do?

If any person demands dowry, property or valuable security, directly or indirectly, from the parents or other relatives or guardian of a bride as consideration for marriage, and the bride or her parents give dowry, however, the husband or in-laws fails to return the dowry to the wife even after three months of marriage or within three months receiving of dowry after marriage, the wife can report the matter to the police and lodged F.I.R. under Section 6 of The Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961. Alternatively, Criminal Complaint can be filed directly before Court.
     Following Main aspects may kindly be noted:
           Demand, Giving of Dowry, and non-return of dowry within 3 months as mentioned above are essential.
           The beneficial interest in the dowry is with the wife and the husband and in-laws are only trustee.

Q2. My husband and in-laws demanded dowry from my parents and they gave the demanded dowry; however, after marriage, my husband and mother-in-law took away my dowry articles and jewelry, and, ever after my repeated demands for the return of the same, they are not returning my dowry articles and jewelry, what to do?

You can report the matter to the police and lodge F.I.R. under Section 405 & 406 of The Indian Penal Code, 1860, which provides for criminal breach of trust i.e., dishonest misappropriation by persons entrusted with property or with dominion over property.
     The essential features are:
           The husband has been entrusted with property
           The husband has misappropriated that property or converted it to his own use or disposed of that property or willfully suffered his parents and other relatives to do so.
           Such misappropriation or user or disposal must be dishonest or such sufferance must be willful.

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