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Submit Association Form

REQUIRED INFORMATION are compulsory for all.
     OPTIONAL INFORMATION are meant for your own benefits.
     In case of Law Firms only Head of the Law Firms need to get registered. If any member of the Law Firm want to get registered in their own name, they are free to do so.
     Experts can fill in the name of Association to which they are registered (if any).

 First NameLast Name 
 Registered in Bar / Bar Council of Enrolment No. 
 Year of Enrolment in Bar / Bar CouncilYear of Starting Your Practice 
 Office Address City 
 Postal Code / Zip Code 
 State / ProvinceCountry 
 Phone / MobileE-Mail 

Would you like to receive e-mails from Visitors of our Website for FREE LEGAL ADVICE?

 Yes      No  

Would you like to receive e-mails from Members of our Association for FREE CONSULTATION?

 Yes      No  
 Registered in Bar Association (if any)Membership No. / Enrolment No. 
 Residential / Chamber AddressCity 

 Postal Code / Zip Code 
 State / ProvinceCountry 
 Phone 2 / Mobile 2Alternate E-Mail 
 Fax No.Website URL 
 Qualifications (with name of University) 
 Areas of Practice 
 States of Practice 
 Are you associated with any Law Firm?Capacity of association with Law Firm 
 Yes      No  
 Name of Law FirmYear of Establishment 
 Name of Principal Officer of Law FirmNumber of Lawyer / Attorney / Members 

You accept that by Submitting this Application you do not automatically becomes a Member of Our Association.


We are confident that by associating with us
You would be beginning a new chapter in your profession, and
May lessen a lot of hardships being faced by you as well as your client.
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